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TriWhite Cup triathlon circuit

Openning enrolment on february 15 !! 

 Triwhite Cup 2016 is the national circuit of triathlon that we have created to make you enjoy the triathlon all over different locations in Spain. 

The circuit is made of six races of triathlon that have everything to be a great circuit to you and those who come with you. In each location we highlight:

 - The uniqueness of each destination. They encompass hospitality, tradition, gastronomy and nature. 
 - Each destination is thought for competitors and their families and friends with all kind of leisure activities for children and adults. 
 - Well communicated points that allow the fluent connection with other European capitals even if you are travelling from abroad.

Destinations and dates of triathlons are as follow: 

Triatlón TriWhite Benidorm                            17th april

Triatlón TriWhite Pilar de la Horadada        12th june

Triatlón TriWhite Torrevieja                           19th june

Triatlón TriWhite Alicante                               4th  september

Triatlón TriWhite Carboneras                         17th september

Triatlón TriWhite San  Javier                          1nd de october

 Furthermore, we have structured the races in different levels of difficulty. Either if you are a professional triathlete, amateur or a potentia triathlete who still doesn’t know, you will find in this circuit the right triathlon race:

-  Olympic Triathlon:  1500m. swimming, 40km. cycling and 10km running. 
-  Sprint Triathlon:      750m. swimming, 20km. cycling and 5km running.
-  Super Sprint Triathlon:  300m. swimming, 10 km. cycling and 2,5 km running.


TriWhite Cup has six independent races, however all together they make the TriWhite Cup. Each has an independent score that counts for the global ranking. 

IMPORTANT: To access the final ranking, a score in five out of six races is required.. 

In each race come into play 500 points, distributed as seen in the following table.

Points will be valid only competing in the same distance, olympic, sprint or super sprint. 

The rankings will be updated after each race.



The points go in different rankings according to the distance, but different rakings for men and women.

The first five qualified in each category (men and women) and distance (Olympic, sprint and super sprint) will have a free entry for the TriWhite Cup in 2014.




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